Laser cutting machines

 Lasermak series, Ermaksan

To get perfect cutting results, Lasermak frame and components are specially machined in CNC machining centers with maximum precision. Lasermak is equipped with linear motors which is an optional specification in most cases for other brands. The axis, moving along with strong magnets mounted on the frame, provide high speed and maximum acceleration. (Y axis 3G). This high speed and acceleration provides increased efficiency and productivity while also decreasing operational costs.

Frame and bridge are assembled by expert engineers and tested with latest high-tech measuring technology in every phase of manufacturing process. This is the main reason of the perfectness in square and circular cutting. There is no need for secondary operations and Lasermak produces parts ready-to-assemble.


Reduce your working hours with Lasermak’s corrosion and friction free linear motors.

Best choice in laser ? 

  • Lasermak is ready for lights-off production and increase your output
  • Extremely low cost maintenance requirements for Fanuc resonator (24,000 hours turbo blower lifetime) and no-maintenance linear drives will give you the best cost per part.
  • Lasermak outputs finished products and doesn’t require secondary operation like deburring, thus increasing your productivity.

Customer benefits

  • You have automation and eliminate your production errors by using Lasermak.
  • You can decrease invesment costs with 24 hours mass production.
  • Especially cutting with laser you save more by not using tools and equipments.
  • You can cut materials such as steel, nickel alloys, titanium, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum etc. with smooth surfaces and accurately.
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning and changing.
  • Durable choice for your precise cutting works.

Best choice in laser;
Perfect cutting speeds with out and out innovative technologies thanks to Ermaksan’s expert engineers developing Lasermak.

Linear motorized ultra fast Lasermak is combined with today’s latest CO2 resonator technology. 3 main points were in our engineers’ minds while designing Lasermak;

While the competition in the market is getting harder, low electricity and gas consumption will create big advantages and will let you quote low cost parts/products “just in time”.

Strong frame construction, world wide recognized brands and long life components that are used in Lasermak will increase your performance in every condition.

Ermaksan reflects its mass manufacturing capability to its prices at your advantage, while having a principle of maintaining highest level of quality, unique design and technology in its products.

High Speed and Precision

Resonator-Laser Power Unit Fanuc CO2

C 1000 i / C 2000 i / C 4000 i / C 5000 i / C 6000 i

  • “Fanuc beam mode” is designed to cut thin and thick sheets in optimum speeds so it will give the lowest damage to the lens and mirrors. Life time of optic components is very long.
  • Fanuc resonator uses one type gas mixture. Extremely low gas consumption. (10 lt/hr)
  • Advanced alarm circuits.
  • “Photo-Catalytic Element” removes hydrocarbons to avoid mirror contamination and protects laser power supply units.
  • Automatic aging, leak check and warm-up functions reduce maintenance time.
  • Highest reliability with intelligent technology.
  • Nano-machined mirror holders reduce resonator setup time after maintenance and doesn’t require beam alignment after cleaning the mirros.
  • Thanks to the new production technology, maintenance period for turbo blower is 24,000 hours.

Power of Laser


  • Electrodes are mounted outside of the discharge tubes. The discharge tubes produce the laser beam, therefore there is no contact between electrodes and discharge tubes and as a result there will be no wear on electrodes and could be used for a long time.


  • Compared to DC-Discharge, energy consumption of RF-Discharge technology is considerably lower.


  • Homogenous gas discharge system keeps the laser output power always constant. Laser output power guarantees continuous cutting quality.
  • Fanuc mode is especially designed to achieve the best cutting results over a wide range of thickness.
  • Fanuc 4 kW has only 6 folding mirrors. (Fanuc 2.5 kW has only 3 folding mirrors)
  • Fanuc use a modular power supply system.(Typically 1 PSU per 1 kW output power)
  • Fanuc lasers offer latest RF excitation technology.
  • Discharge circuits of Fanuc lasers do not need any maintenance.
  • Highest maintenance efficiency.

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Fibermak series, Ermaksan

Fibermak Momentum Gen-3 - New Generation Fiber Laser

The Fibermak, built with long-life, precision components and with its rigid construction is able to work continuously and precisely in the most severe conditions.

What is Laser?

Laser is the abbreviation of “Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The Foundation of the Laser depends on the photons, which are created by electron transfers between different energy levelled particles.

Internal structure of laser unit

The ytterbium laser light is created inside the laser unit. Laser light created at the resonator is transferred to the cutting head by fiber-optic cable without loss of power or quality. In this way laser light with a high beam quality appropriate for metal cutting is provided.


Sheet metal working by fiber laser

Sheet metal processing is one way of using laser light in industry. The latest technology in flat sheet metal working machinery is the solid state laser, also named as the fiber laser.

Brief description of cutting with laser; Laser light created in the resonator is transferred flawlessly by fiber-optic cable to the surface of the sheet. The cutting process begins when laser light and assist gases (oxygen, nitrogen or compressed air) are focused on the material. With the help of proven technology tables all axes are controlled precisely and parts are processed without the need for manual intervention.

Advantages of fiber laser

  • Fiber laser is the fastest process of cutting thin sheet metal.
  • The cutting process is done with higher quality compared to other options. A “clean cut” surface quality is obtained.
  • Reflective materials like aluminium, copper and brass can be cut with ease.
  • Excellent surface quality is obtained on mild steel up to 15 mm with a 2 kW resonator and up to 20mm with 3 kW and 4 kW.
  • Part process cost is very low.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Consumable part cost is low. The only parts that need to be changed are nozzles, ceramics and lens protection glasses over long periods. There are no other consumable costs.
  • Resonator life is over 100.000 hours.
  • Drives, encoders and rails have to be placed on precision surfaces. Even the slightest defects can cause serious damage to drives and enco- ders. Because of this, Fibermaks main body is machined perfectly on Travelling Column Duplex CNC machines.
  • Encoders, linear motors and rails on linear model machines and rack & pinions and rails on Servo motor machines are machined on CNC machines with micron-rated precision. This is the foundation of the high tolerance processing achieved with Fibermak.

The Fibermak, built with long-life, precision components and with its rigid construction is able to work continuously and precisely in the most severe conditions.


  • 4 Axis (X, Y, U, Z)
  • Servo Motor
  • Auto - focus cutting head
  • 2 kW Laser Source
  • Chiller Unit
  • Clean-dry air system
  • Safety Cabinet
  • Automatic-Dual Shuttle Table
  • CAD/CAM Software (Lantek, Metalix, Almacam)
  • 15’’ Touchscreen Controller
  • Conveyor Warning Lamp Nozzle Set


Fibermak has 4 servo motors for all axial movements. These are latest technology single cable servo motors.

Power and process data are transmitted in one standard motor cable, significantly reducing costs.

This technology also gives more accurate positioning and more geometrically accurate parts.

Servo Motor

Fibermak: is a unique machine having ultra low energy consumption and very fast cutting capability with minimum maintenance cost.


  • Low investment cost for a high performance machine 
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy repair and maintenance
  • Low repair needs
  • High linear rigidity


  • The ytterbium laser light is created inside the laser unit. Excitation is performed with laser diodes enabling high efficiency with low costs. Laser light created at the resonator is transferred to the cutting head by fiber- optic cable without loss of power or quality. In this way laser light with a high beam quality appropriate for metal cutting is provided.
  • Fiber Laser is high-tech metal working sheet machinery so it provides faster cutting then the other lasers.
  • Power range of Laser source is between 500W and 6 kW.
  • According to the power if the power increases cutting speed and cutting capacity will be expand.
  • Maintenance is not necessary for Fiber Lasers. They are sustainable; its diode has approximately 100.000 hours lifetime.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble. In any defect situation part changing is easy. Modules are designed for plug-play.


The chiller unit cools the laser source and also the linear motors and collimation unit which is inside the cutting head.


It provides a convenient working area by absorbing little particles and smokes occur while cutting. It automatically works when the cutting started.

The suction cells open actively according to the cutting heads position. This provides accurate absorption.


Fibermak’s automation equipment modules consist of Drivers, IO units, height sensor, focal unit, Shuttle table equipment etc. and their connections.

The automation Board enables the correct connection and cabling in the system meaning less defect ratio.


The conveyor is situated under the cutting area and small parts, scrap and dross to a wheeled container.


It has two dynamic tables. While processing continues on the table in the machine, you can collect cut parts or load other material for processing. Fully automated loading – unloading systems can also be added.

Shuttle with the balance control system.

The balanced control provides smooth vertical movement of the shuttle table. This provides precision control and assures a controlled descent with heavy loads preventing the collapse of parts.

Two Dynamic Tables for Continuously Cutting


  • The laser beam is delivered to the cutting head by fiber optic cable.
  • The fiber optic cable is fixed to the input of cutting head.
  • The laser is delivered to the focusing unit after being aligned in the collimator.
  • The laser beam is set to desired focus using the lenses in the focusing unit.
  • The protection Glass protects the lenses from the particles which are caused by the cutting operation.
  • The sensor Insert is part of the elevation control system and helps to adjust the distance between material and cutting head.
  • Elevation control is checked with the most precise sensors in the market. Height adjustment is controlled precisely. This helps to produce better cuts.
  • The main function of the ceramic is to protect the cutting head.
  • The nozzle is used to control the assist gases. It is also a part of the capacitive control system.


FIBERMAK Momentum Gen-2 is designed to cut differ rent thicknesses and types of material such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and galvanized steel.

Perfect cut quality is achieved by precision cutting parameters prepared by Ermaksan engineers. When necessary, the operator can also change the parameters.

Laser unit can be selected between 500 W to 6 kW. Selection of laser cutting unit power thickness and cutting speeds will vary. The following table shows a list of the materials that can be cut by the FIBERMAK.

High-Speed and Excellent Quality Cuts


  • Powerful motors give high acceleration and speed
    When cutting, most time is lost during the movement between parts. Here, the acceleration of the axes is very important. Fibermak servo motor machines run, 1.5 G acceleration and 2.4 m/sec speed, linear motor machines run 2.5 G acceleration and 2.8 m/sec speed. Giving a serious time advantage between parts.
  • Lift type transition enables high-speed movement between partsWhen moving between parts velocity and acceleration speed is important, FIBERMAK Momentum Gen-2 uses part and aperture avoidance, raising the cutting head in the cycle, which allows you to reach maximum speed.

The cutting of part A is finished, the head moves to part B. The cutting head uses maximum acceleration and speed by using an Arc movement.

  • Ultra fast communication with EtherCAT
    Using EtherCAT connections gives ultra fast communication and therefore ultra fast control. Increasing the speed of control, ie Laser on/off speed, gas on/off speed etc. allows faster for cutting.
  • Fly-CUT feature
    Both circular and equilateral parts can be cut with Fly-Cut feature of Fibermak Momentum Gen-2.
  • Cutting processing is performed with active G code structure within minimum duration
    G code flow is important when performing any action on Fibermak with CNC controller. G code flow on Fibermak is designed to achieve the desired result by the shortest route. The time loss is reduced to minimum during operational transitions. It provides high- acceleration and fast motion with high power motors.


  • Linear motor technology
  • 3 kW, 4 kW and 6 kW laser source options
  • Suction unit
  • Light protection barrier
  • Air conditioner for automation panel
  • Metalix, Almacam etc. CAD/CAM software


Ermaksan technical service department can assist customers using remote support. Machine software can be updated and any possible problems can be examined when accessed by the technicians through the remote access feature.

Superior German Technology is used in all control units within the system. Installing spare parts is quite simple. All products designed as modular plug and play, and are therefore easily replaced.

Spare parts are available at short notice. Spare part and technical service/support is available in 62 countries around the World. All used parts and spare parts are guaranteed to be supplied for 10 years.

Flawless Service Through Qualified Team and Extensive Service Network

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Towermak system, Ermaksan

Ermaksan Fibermak Momentum Gen-2 provides precision cutting and mass production by Tower.

The TOWERMAK is a system used for the unmanned loading/unloading management of metal sheets for 2D laser machine 1500x3000 mm metal sheets; guarantees high level reliability, highly flexibility and easy to be used.

The Advantages of TOWER Full Automatic Sheet Metal Loading and Unloading System;

  • 7/24 working option,
  • No unexpected stop,
  • The competitive advantage for unit costs,
  • Precision sheet metal protection against damages and scratches,
  • The ideal solution for enterprises against stock area loss with multi-pallet stacking system in the tower.



TOWER has two model according to demand;

Basic Tower: Standard 2 pallets for stock area. Just one metal sheet can be stock in during the process.

Compact Tower: Minimum 3 pallets for stock area that can be customize up to 15 pallets each can payload 3000 kg. Two different types of metal sheets can be stock in different areas. Also finished metal sheet can be stock in other area.

X Reference Arm: This arm provide you to reference metal sheet and precise handling for the suction cups.

Stock Area: Automatic system handle the sheet and place it in the proper stock area.

Suction cup device for lifting raw metal sheet: Is an arm with the grip placed over the loading pallet. The duty of this arm is to lift the raw metal sheet to permit the entrance of the comb device under the metal sheet lifter and deposit it on this comb device.



The TOWERMAK system is equipped with devices such as:

  • An automatic separation of the metal sheet from the pile (heap): This is a function carried out from a magnet and one of the suction cups that acts on the corner of the metal sheet.
  • Thickness measuring control:It is a device to measure the thickness of the metal sheet before loading. It makes sure the reliability of the system also during the unmanned operations. In case the thickness is not adequate to the requirement of the laser machine cycle, the separation cycle is repeated.
  • Verification of unloaded metal sheet maximum height device permit to avoid unloading operation of the processed metal sheet when has been reached the maximum height allowed on the unloading pallet.
  • Z axis fall safety device: Avoid falls of the Z axis (the one that has a comb). It is a couple of pneumatic cylinders that blocks the fall of the comb arm by entering into specific positioned areas every 20 cm.
  • Fixed fencing system and protection with photocells complete the supply.
  • Magnetic Stripper: When the suction cups handler is fully lift up magnetic stripper support the system to seperate metal sheets.
  • Air Jet Blower: The metal sheet seperated by air jet blower when they are stick to each other.
  • Sheets Pneumatic Stripper: One suction that moves seperately up and down to shake the metal sheet for seperating stuck.



Siemens brand controller supports up to 28 material codes in the system;
• Open system for the robot configuration,
• 5,7 inch touch screen with keypad (system can be run with touch screen or keypad)

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MicroLas series, Microstep

The CO2 laser cutting machine MicroLas is designed for applications with highest demands on accuracy and cutting speed in order to achieve minimum production costs for big series of parts. The sturdy machine frame together with linear guidelines and AC drives provide excellent dynamic properties with positioning speeds reaching up to 60 m/min. Default is an automatic shuttle table.


Technical parameters:

Working length 1500 - 6000 mm
Working width 1500 - 3000 mm
Max. number of tool stations 1
Max. thickness of material according to laser source
Positioning speed up to 60 m/min (depends on the machine configuration) 

More information in PDF


MSF series, Microstep

MSF machine is a powerful laser cutting system for cutting of materials with a fiber laser, or a combination of fiber laser and plasma. The machine is designed for production of highly accurate parts at high cutting speeds, with surprisingly low maintenance and operational costs. The outstanding dynamics of MSF is achieved by a low-seated gantry, digital AC drives and precise planetary gears. The machine is by default equipped with an automatic shuttle table.


Technical parameters

Working length 1000 - 12000 mm
Working width 1500 - 3000 mm
Max. number of tool stations 2
Max. thickness of material according to laser source
Positioning speed up to 130 m/min in X (depends on the machine configuration)
up to 180 m/min combined, in X,Y

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