Plasma cutting machines

EPL series, Ermaksan

EPL Plasma 3 Axes Series; It offers the optimum solution to all your needs with its advanced accurate cutting quality, production line and automation.

Special plasma software and CNC controller enables the operator to use the machine with ease.

R&D engineering calculations; Knowledge gained from research has been integrated into the development of the main frame/body and moving bridge of the EPL Plasma Cutting Machine giving a higher cutting quality.


EPL Plasma Series is the best and most economical machine when looking at consumable part consumption.

Ermaksan offers consumables, parts and Hypertherm materials at very competative prices.

The best choice for plasma with its high productivity and accurate cutting quality.


  • High cutting technology.
  • Minimum operating cost
  • Long working life
  • EDGE® Pro Controller
  • HyDefinition® technology
  • PowerPierce™ technology
  • LongLife™ technology
  • HPRXD® plasma source.
  • TurboNest® nesting software.

TurboNest® Nesting Software - Standard features highlights

Part creation and development

  • Integrated 2D CAD program to create and edit CAD files Variable Shape Parts feature to develop common parts from templates.

CAD/CAM import and conversion

  • Import CAD and CNC files (many industry-standard file formats Automatic CAD file correction and error notification.
  • Automatic spline / ellipse smoothing and reduction.
  • Separate multiple parts from a single CAD file.
  • Automatic mapping of CAD layers to processes (cut, mark, etc.).

Interactive manual nesting

  • Group parts into clusters for nesting.
  • Drag, drop and bump parts on the nest.
  • Duplicate, move, scale, mirror, rotate, or array parts.
  • Prohibit / permit nesting inside of a part.
  • Multi-sheet and multi-head nesting.
  • Part interference detection.
  • Edit lead-in / out position and properties within the nest.
  • Grain constraint and edge pierce technology.
  • Material database (with grade and gauge).
  • Manual and automatic plate cropping.
  • Safe zones for plate clamping applications.
  • Automatic and manual nest sequencing.
  • Control cut direction and cut sequencing on part-by-part basis.
  • Animated cutting sequence simulation.

Built-in process parameters

  • Material type, thickness, grade and class-based process parameters.
  • Material type and thickness based lead-in / out parameters.
  • Automatic and interactive separations for part, plate, and pierce spacing.


  • Management and shop reports.
  • Export reports directly to PDF, Excel spreadsheet (*.xls), CSV (*.csv), or Web page (*.html).


  • User-defined machine and labor production costing.
  • Automatic calculation of part production costs and part/nest utilization.
  • Better productivity
  • Improved part quality
  • Increased cost savings
  • More efficient use
  • Fewer errors


EDGE® Pro Controller

Designed to be flexible and easy to use, the EDGE Pro delivers reliable performance for improved profitability and application performance such as True Hole technology. Using Phoenix software, this CNC improves cut quality and productivity by delivering our expertise directly to your factory, giving the best results with every operator.



  • Using the CutPro™Wizard new operators can be ready to cut production parts in less than 5 minutes.
  • Built-in two-station operator’s console, with tactile joystick, speedpot, and torch position control for easy operation.
  • Network and USB access for part program loading and software updates.
  • Built-in help and cutting optimization tips for improving table performance and process outcomes on demand.


  • Durable glass touchscreen utilizing surface acoustic wave technology.
  • Air cooling to reduce stress on electronic components without dust ingress.
  • Designed and stress tested to ensure consistent operation in the harsh plasma cutting environment.
  • Intuitive hardware service kit helps rapidly isolate system errors.


  • Critical plasma, THC and table parameters can be controlled in the part program using Part Program Support (PPS) for repeatable cut quality.
  • Watch Windows™ enable on-screen real-time monitoring of key process performance parameters while cutting.
  • Custom cut charts can be created and controlled in the part program or made available to the CutPro Wizard.
  • Support for fast transitions from marking to cutting.

Ease of use: Phoenix software

  • Built-in cut charts for automatically setting process parameters for mild steel, stainless, and aluminum to enable consistently optimized cutting performance. Wizards and diagnostic support tools that enable easy setup, use and rapid troubleshooting.
As easy as 1, 2, 3, cut! : CutPro™ Wizard

In field trials, new operators began cutting high-quality parts in less than 5 minutes without training, drastically reducing the “hire to cut” time.

1. Step: Select CNC program.
2. Step: Select process
3. Step: Align part/plate.

Remote Help

  • Remote Help is an internet based tool that allows the manufacturer to be virtually in your factory within minutes. CNC, plasma system and cutting table diagnosis and repair can often be accomplished without an on-site visit. This means that machines can be up and running quickly and without costly travel and wait time.
Standard Features
Operating system Windows® XPe
Hard drive SATA drive
Display 15" glass touchscreen (surface acoustic wave technology)
Memory ≥1GB
USB interface Two USB 2.0 ports
Dimensions 435 mm (17.125") W; 463 mm (18.22") H; 316 mm (12.43") D
Temperature range -10° C to 40° C ambient (14° F to 104° F ambient)
Warranty Two-year warranty standard
Regulatory compliance CE, CSA
Operator’s console Two-station Opcon standard
Operating voltage and frequency 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Software utilities Part Program Support (PPS), Remote Help, networking, Autogas support, DXF import, and simple shape nesting


ArcGlide™ THC


  • Superior cutting quality and ideal consumables life with arc voltage sampling and control.
  • Up to 80 % increases in parts per hour production by minimizing cut to cut cycle time.
  • Ultimately strong mechanics under 2 years warranty.
  • Easy to use human machine interface for under one minute fast job adjustment.
  • Performance advantages are achievable with minimal operator input, eliminating the need for extensive training and allowing you to get the best performance across any shift with any operator at any plant.

Increase parts per hour

  • Up to 100% improvement in parts cut per hour by rapid ignition and movement optimization coded on software.

Decrease cost per part

  • ArcGlide THC continuously samples arc voltage and automatically adjusts arc voltage for proper torch height over the life of the consumables without requiring operator input.


Hypertherm HPRXD® Plasma Sources

HyPerformance® offers quality and sensitive cuts along with high productivity. HPR XD® plasma sources offer better general performance, productivity and profitability with its unique combination of superior technologies.

System Technology

Power source and chiller

  • The addition of pump motor drives, fans, and eliminates the effect of frequency on the cooling water flow.

Power Supply

  • Self calibrating current control for better current adjustment.
  • High power element/productivity.
  • Low fluctuation on exit current for lower arc voltage lapse and more stable plasma arc.
  • Serial communication port on CNC for system surveillance.
  • CAN serial communication between main modules for system stability.
  • Long distance surveillance feature if CNC is connected to network.

Manual Gas Console

  • Provides HyDefinition cutting quality with LongLife Technology.
  • Compensates for changes in the incoming gas pressure.
  • Continuously measures and adjusts the flow of gas.


  • Quick disconnect torch reduces installation time.

Increased parts per hour

  • HyPerformance Plasma systems provide faster cut speeds to produce more parts per hour.
  • Hypertherm’s patented PowerPierce™ technology makes it possible to cut thicker than ever before and replace slowercutting technologies such as oxyfuel.
  • HyPerformance Plasma’s superior quality and consistency maximize the number of parts produced per hour by minimizing time-consuming secondary operations.

Do more with less power

  • HyPerformance Plasma enables extremely high cutting speeds per amp with less cutting current than other plasma solutions on the market.

Longer consumable life

  • LongLife® and PowerPierce™ technologies significantly increase consumable life and reduce your cost per part.
  • Hypertherm consumables are manufactured with the highest quality standards to ensure consistently longer life.

Do more with less power.

  • Patented consumable designs enable industry-leading cutting speeds and robust production piercing using lower amperage levels.
  • HyPerformance Plasma enables extremely high cutting speeds per amp with less cutting current than other plasma solutions on the market.
  • Hypertherm’s power supplies are designed to be extremely efficient in their use of electricity, enabling lower electrical expense and a reduced impact on the environment.

HPRXD plasma selections working data

  HPR260XD (30-260 amp) HPR400XD (30-400 amp) HPR800XD (30-800 amp)
Mild steel cutting capacity
Dross free 32 mm 38 mm 38 mm
Production pierce 38 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Maximum cutting capacity 64 mm 80 mm 80 mm
Stainless steel cutting capacity
Production pierce 32 mm 45 mm 75 mm
Maximum cutting capacity 50 mm 80 mm 160 mm
Aluminium cutting capacity
Production pierce 32 mm 45 mm 75 mm
Maximum cutting capacity 50 mm 80 mm 160 mm

Automatic gas console option

  • Allows full control of all plasma system settings from the CNC, simplifying operator training requirements.
  • Automatically changes processes on the fly to enable rapid switching between cutting and marking.
  • Automatically adjusts for variations in incoming gas pressure to produce the most consistent cutting performance.
Ermaksan EPL series cutting machine provide more consistent cut quality and more powerful precision cutting which is Hypertherm’s patented technologies.

HyDefinition® Technology

  • Mouthed nozzle technology aligns and focuses the plasma arc.
  • HyDefinition technology enables powerful precision cutting for superior quality and consistency.

LongLife® Technology

  • Hypertherm’s patented LongLife® technology increase and decrease gas flow and gradually to reduce electrode and nozzle erosion in extremely controlled manner.
  • By reducing erosion of electrode and nozzle with LongLife®, longer period with more consistent quality of a cut while offers a significant reduction in operating cost.

PowerPierceTM Technology

  • Patented PowerPierce liquid cooled shield repels molten metal during piercing
  • For maximum pierce capability of up to 50 mm mild steel and 75 mm stainless steel.
  • Patented consumable designs deliver speed and thickness capabilities expected of higher amp systems
For a better quality performance at any point

Ermaksan’s high-quality and high-precision cutting machine, never compromising on quality, manufactured with the customer in mind, right down to the smallest detail.

Cable tray

Comply with CE standards. Due to high quality plastic material used in the cable tray it encompasses quality, durability, resistance to abrasion, durability to heavy loads and resistance to breaks and protects the cable ducts.

Linear guideways and carriages

High-precision linear guideways and carriages are used in accordance with CE standards. So it provides high precision cutting results .

Germany origin Atlanta helical rack used in accordance with CE standards and provides high precision cutting results, increased sensitivity range and cut quality. Also the sound caused by friction is minimized. Thread quality is 9e27.

Cutting table and pneumatic suction system

PLC software follows the cutting head movements and individual pneumatic flaps at related cutting sector open; proves high efficiency suction of waste gas, dust and fume from working environment.

Servo motor and planet type gear box

Double driven synchronous brushless 3 pieces AC servo motors used on X and Y axes. With high-precision servo motor reaction times, drive and gear, high acceleration is provided.


More information in PDF


MG series, Microstep

The MG series is MicroStep’s top class CNC cutting machine suitable for long-term industrial use and meeting highest requirements on precision, performance and easy operation. MG machines provide a wide variety of applications: bevel cutting with plasma and oxyfuel, pipe, profile, dome or elbow cutting, drilling with automatic tool exchange, plate positioning with laser sensor or a CCD camera, inkjet or micropercussion marking. A special heightened version of gantry enables oxyfuel cutting up to 250 mm.

Technical parameters

Working length
1500 - 50000 mm
Working width
1500 - 8000 mm
Max. number of tool stations
6 (8G)
Max. thickness of material cut by plasma
according to a plasma source
Max. thickness of material cut by oxyfuel
150 mm (250 option after requirement)
Positioning speed
up to 38 m/min (depends on version)
Positioning accuracy
± 0,06 mm according to DIN 28 206


More information in PDF




DRM series, Microstep

DRM-D is a heavy-duty CNC cutting machine designed for a wide range of dome, sheet and pipe applications. Its robust gantry allows a vibration-free operation of heavy equipment like automatic oxyfuel triple torches or the special 90° plasma rotator with a 1000 mm stroke of Z-axis. Along with the full range of sheet and pipe cutting possibilities, DRM-D offers special applications on domes like trimming, separation cuts, cutting of diverse openings, welding seam preparation and cutting of domes placed upside down.



Technical parameters

Working length  3000 - 30000 mm
Working width  1500 - 8000 mm
Max. number of tool stations 4
Max. thickness of material cut by plasma according to a plasma source
 Max. thickness of material cut by oxyfuel 200mm
Positioning speed  up to 30 m/min (depends on version) 
Positioning accuracy  ± 0,06 mm according to DIN 28 206 

More information in PDF


CombiCut series, Microstep

This robust and high-precision CNC machine is designed especially for multiple-shift high-performance plasma and oxyfuel cutting. It allows cutting of steel up to 300mm, bevel cutting with a pair of rotary oxyfuel triple torches or plasma rotators, simultaneous cutting with more than 10 torches, drilling up to Ø 40 mm, inkjet or micropercussion marking, pipe and dome processing.



Technical parameters

Working length  1500 – 50000 mm
Working width   1500 – 8000 mm
Max. number of tool stations 6 (8G)
Max. thickness of material cut by plasma according to a plasma source
Max. thickness of material cut by oxyfuel 300 mm
Positioning speed up to 23 m/min (depends on version)
Positioning accuracy ± 0 ,07  according to DIN 28 206


More information in PDF


PLS series, Microstep

PLS is a high-precision CNC cutting machine with outstanding dynamic properties and modern design, developed especially for high precision plasma cutting. The excellent dynamics is achieved thanks to the low-seated, double-side driven gantry, high-precision linear guidelines and a drive system with helical racks and pre-stressed pinions in all axes. Besides standard accessories (plasma, oxyfuel, marking) the machine can be also equipped with a pipe cutting device.


Technical parameters


Working length 1500 - 30000 mm
Working width 1500 - 4000 mm
Max. number of cutting heads 3
Max. thickness of material cut by plasma according to a plasma source
Max. thickness of material cut by oxyfuel 80 mm
Positioning speed up to 40 m/min (depends on version)
Positioning accuracy ± 0,09 mm according to DIN 28 206
Max. diameter of pipes up to Ø 700 mm

More information in PDF


MasterCut  series, Microstep

Mastercut is a versatile CNC cutting machine which can be applied throughout the industry reaching from small workshops to big factories. The application range of the entry version with rails in X direction dedicated to fully automated oxyfuel cutting or cutting with conventional plasma can be enhanced to a variety of high precision plasma cutting applications including pipe, profile or elbow cutting and marking.


Technical parameters

Working length  3000 – 30000 mm
Working width 1500 – 4000 mm
Max. number of tool stations  4 (6G)
Max. thickness of material cut by plasma according to a plasma source
Max. thickness of material cut by oxyfuel 150 mm (optionally 200 mm )
Positioning speed up to 30 m/min (depends on version)
Positioning accuracy ± 0,12 (depends on version) according to DIN 28 206

More information in PDF


MasterCut Compact series, Microstep

MasterCut Compact is a dynamic, high precision CNC cutting machine suitable for a variety of plasma and oxyfuel cutting jobs. Thanks to its sophisticated design and high quality of components it smoothly provides latest features of plasma technology for a decent price – true contours, small holes, sharp corners and efficient operation. As a fully compact machine it is moveable within workshhop while the pre-assembled delivery significantly shortens the start-up time. Possible sizes of working area reach from 1.5 x 1.5 m to 6 x 2 m.


Technical parameters 

Working length  1500, 3000, 4000, 6000 mm
Working width 1500, 2000 mm
Max. number of tool stations 1 / 2 (width 2000 mm)
Max. thickness of material cut by plasma according to a plasma source
Max. thickness of material cut by oxyfuel 100 mm 
Positioning speed up to 40 m/min (depends on version)
Positioning accuracy ± 0,08 mm according to DIN 28 206

More information in PDF


OxyCut series, Microstep

OxyCut is a high-performance and reliable CNC cutting machine designed for fully automatic oxyfuel cutting or a combination of oxyfuel and plasma cutting. The machine is equipped with advanced gas control system with automatic setting of cutting parameters. Optional version of the machine – PlasmaCut – is equipped with high precision linear guidelines to enable high precision plasma cutting. Both versions can be equipped with a pipe positioner for cutting pipes up to Ø 1000 mm.


Technical parameters 

Working length
1500- 30000 mm 
Working width
1500 - 4000 mm 
Max. number of tool stations
4 (6G)
Max. thickness of material cut by plasma
according to a plasma source 
Max. thickness of material cut by oxyfuel
150 mm (200 option) 
Positioning speed 
up to 20 m/min (depends on version)
Positioning accuracy 
± 0,15 mm according to DIN 28 206 

More information in PDF


MicroCut series, Microstep

MicroCut is designed to satisfy the demands for having advanced plasma technology with respect to limited budgets and/or size requirements of workshops, small enterprises and schools. With the minimum working area 1000 x 1000 mm and a maximum of 3000 mm x 1500 mm, MicroCut can be equipped with one plasma or one oxyfuel tool station. Maximum thickness of oxyfuel cutting is 60mm. As option can be included a pipe positioner for cutting pipes up to Ø 100 mm.


Technical parameters

Working length
1000, 3000 mm 
Working width
1000, 1500mm 
Max. number of tool stations
Max. thickness of plate
60 mm
Positioning speed 
up to 25 m/min  
Positioning accuracy
± 0,1 mm according to DIN 28 206 


AirCut series, Microstep

AirCut is a compact machine designed for cutting of ducting and sheet metals for the HVAC and food industries. Its light construction with integrated fume extraction system fully reflects the requirements of cutting thin sheet materials. Since the machine can be equipped with both arc voltage height control and a plate rider, it guarantees highly efficient operation from 0,5 mm to 15 mm thickness in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium.


Technical parameters 

Working length
3000 mm 
Working width
1500 mm 
Max. number of tool stations
Max. thickness of material cut by plasma
according to a plasma source max. 12 mm
Positioning speed 
up to 30 m/min
Positioning accuracy 
± 0,15 mm according to DIN 28 206